Sycamore Brewing Yoga
image via instagram: @vickiwxgraf

image via instagram: @vickiwxgraf

One of NC Yoga Bar’s long-standing brewery yoga partners is Sycamore Brewing. Sycamore has enjoyed incredible success over its short 2 ½ year life. We’ve watched Sycamore blossom in our back yard and have followed its evolution from day one. The detail we most appreciate is how Sycamore has flourished in part because owners, Justin and Sarah, choose to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs, including our favorite food truck – Papi Queso!

NC Yoga Bar partners with Sycamore, offering a yoga class in the Sycamore Beer Garden two evenings per week – Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., and hosting outdoor yoga at Sycamore’s Food Truck Brunch on one Saturday each month! Along with NC Yoga Bar, Sycamore encourages fitness, mindfulness, and beer sipping by offering yogis 25% off their first beverage.

Sycamore embraces the Charlotte start-up spirit in its renovated warehouse overlooking the Rail Trail. Home to its brew house, tanks, barrels, and taproom, the brewery’s unique copper bar showcases twenty taps with a constantly changing flow of small-batch beer and wine. The Beer Garden overflows with picnic tables, string lights, and food trucks, in addition to live bands on the weekends. 

It’s a relaxing, good time to spend a few hours in the Sycamore Beer Garden. Homegrown businesses come together to offer their best to deliver an overall healthy, happy experience. See you at Sycamore. 



Ali Washburn
Just Show Up

“You can start late. Look different. Be uncertain. And still succeed.”

This quote from Misty Copeland (check her out @mistyonpointe on Instagram or @mistyonpointe on Twitter) resonates. Misty is saying exactly what we think about yoga at NC Yoga Bar. 

Yoga is for anyone to do at their level, wherever they are. Wherever you are – physically, emotionally, or geographically. 

We hear the nay-sayers and you’ve probably heard them, too: “Yoga should be practiced in a space where you can avoid distractions to quiet your mind!” or “Brewery yoga isn’t REAL yoga!”

Since no one knows when yoga actually began – best guesses are sometime before 1500 BC – it’s pretty certain that yoga was first practiced outdoors without air conditioning and a controlled environment. It’s also pretty certain that, since yoga began before the printing press existed, the art and science of yoga was communicated verbally and visually, left to much interpretation. 

There is no one, "correct" way to practice yoga. There is no one, "correct" look that a yogi should have. And since yoga is a journey of the body and the mind, no one ever masters yoga and, therefore, can stop practicing.

As trained yoga teachers, we’ve studied and learned to highly respect the beautiful language, postures and philosophy that forms the foundation of a yoga practice. And that’s why we believe that everyone must start somewhere. You may be late. You may look different from the model on the Lululemon website. And you may not be certain that you can actually “do yoga.” But you can and you will succeed. Just show up.

Ali Washburn
Yoga in the Rain

One of the biggest surprises about running a pop-up yoga business is that we wish we had first studied meteorology! As you know if you live in Charlotte, you never know what the weather will be like from minute to minute. And that’s exactly what happened last week. 

Each day we have an outdoor brewery yoga class scheduled, we become amateur meteorologists, checking our weather apps every hour to be sure the sun will be shining at 6:30 p.m., or at least that there won’t be a downpour. Last Wednesday, the apps looked bright and sunshiny all day long, until we received an alert at 4:34 p.m. – Severe Thunderstorm WARNING issued for Mecklenburg county until 5:15 p.m! WHAT??? This news immediately triggers a barrage of texts and phone calls. Do we cancel, or do we not?

A quick check-in with our favorite meteorologist, Vicki Graf of WSOCTV, confirms our fears. Thunder, lightning, rain until 6 p.m. But, is all of that happening at Sycamore Brewing at 6:30? And will the grass be wet?

We hate cancelling class when our loyal yogis are counting on us! So, with commitment from our fearless teacher, Erin Falls, we carry on. The result? Our loyal, brave yogis practice yoga in the rain. Not a downpour, but enough rain that our yoga mats are covered in raindrops. The sky was dark, scary and beautiful, and by the end of the class, we eased into savasana under the setting sun. A yoga raindance. Another unique NC Yoga Bar experience.

Ali Washburn
Top Outdoor Summer Yoga Spots

One of our favorite things about Charlotte in the summertime is outdoor yoga class! NC Yoga Bar pops-up every Tuesday evening at 6:30 at possibly the most beautiful and enchanting yoga spot anywhere – The McGill Rose Garden. 

rose garden outdoor yoga class charlotte noda

The McGill Rose Garden is quite romantic! It seems that Henry and Helen McGill bought the land, formerly a coal yard, back in the 50s. Mrs. McGill planted rose bushes to spruce up the not so pretty location and became known as “the rose lady.” After she passed away in 1985, her husband continued to maintain the garden, selling it to the City of Charlotte in the 70s as part of an initiative to preserve green space in the city. In memory of his wife, Henry meticulously maintained the garden until he died at the age of 103 twenty years ago. 

Yoga class takes place just inside the garden gates, among the 500-plus rose bushes and beside an historic coal car that sits on a small section of the remaining railroad track. We practice our warrior and pigeon poses under the watchful eye of Rosie, a long-time Garden resident.

cat pic.jpg

Even though the Garden does not serve beer, we still think of Tuesday nights as beer yoga since the Birdsong Brewing taproom, a quick ½ block walk away, offers a complementary brew to NC Yoga Bar yogis. Yoga, beer, roses and cute cats in NoDa. A perfect summer evening!


NC Yoga Bar’s membership program, the #ncyogabarpassport, offers class passports for as low as $5 per class. Surprise perks for passport members include free classes, t-shirt give-aways and discounts. Non-member drop-in classes are typically $10. NC Yoga Bar  is a locally-owned, family business that presents an affordable, convenient alternative to traditional yoga classes by popping up where yoga-lovers already are. Boasting an ever-changing weekly list of yoga and fitness options, NC Yoga Bar holds classes at interesting and distinctive spots in and around Charlotte.

The McGill Rose Garden (, Charlotte’s hidden historic gem, is tucked away on the edge of uptown and the NoDa Arts District at 940 N. Davidson St. in Charlotte, 28206. The enchanting garden features more than 500 rose bushes in a professionally landscaped 2-acre space, and is a favorite wedding venue for in-the-know Charlotteans. 

The Birdsong Brewing taproom (, is located at 1016 N. Davidson St. in Charlotte, 28206. Birdsong is a successful locally-owned and operated craft brewery and a long-time partner and great friend of NC Yoga Bar. The brewery has on tap freshly crafted brews, straight from the source, poured in a friendly, welcoming environment. 

Every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. from May through October, NC Yoga Bar partners with McGill and Birdsong for a vinyasa flow class, followed by a complementary beer.