Just Show Up

“You can start late. Look different. Be uncertain. And still succeed.”

This quote from Misty Copeland (check her out @mistyonpointe on Instagram or @mistyonpointe on Twitter) resonates. Misty is saying exactly what we think about yoga at NC Yoga Bar. 

Yoga is for anyone to do at their level, wherever they are. Wherever you are – physically, emotionally, or geographically. 

We hear the nay-sayers and you’ve probably heard them, too: “Yoga should be practiced in a space where you can avoid distractions to quiet your mind!” or “Brewery yoga isn’t REAL yoga!”

Since no one knows when yoga actually began – best guesses are sometime before 1500 BC – it’s pretty certain that yoga was first practiced outdoors without air conditioning and a controlled environment. It’s also pretty certain that, since yoga began before the printing press existed, the art and science of yoga was communicated verbally and visually, left to much interpretation. 

There is no one, "correct" way to practice yoga. There is no one, "correct" look that a yogi should have. And since yoga is a journey of the body and the mind, no one ever masters yoga and, therefore, can stop practicing.

As trained yoga teachers, we’ve studied and learned to highly respect the beautiful language, postures and philosophy that forms the foundation of a yoga practice. And that’s why we believe that everyone must start somewhere. You may be late. You may look different from the model on the Lululemon website. And you may not be certain that you can actually “do yoga.” But you can and you will succeed. Just show up.

Ali Washburn